Analysis Of Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas?

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As humans, we would like to think that whenever we find in a difficult situation where a choice is presented, we would always make the right one. The right one meaning the choice that either resolves or helps the situation. People are presented with these situations every day, and some choose the right choice and some do not. In Le Guin 's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," one of those situations presents itself. Le Guin 's story centers around a place where the people find themselves happy and having a joyous life. These people do not suffer. Through the story, the reader comes to find out that there is a child locked away under the city of Omelas. So, this child 's suffering is what fuels this idealistic happiness the people get to experience.…show more content…
I think this is because they did not want to take responsibility for the suffering child anymore, but for the suffering of the people of the city if they were to free the child. So, they chose to take responsibility only for their own suffering by leaving. I think these people cannot be faulted for this, because to be put in that situation would certainly be hard. Also, these people have chosen their morals, or ethical code they wish to live by meaning they are not responsible for helping the suffering child. I think I personally would have a problem deciding what to do. I believe that in certain situations the suffering of one is justifiable for the better outcome of many, mostly for survival scenarios. I also understand the thought process of those people who left regarding where to take responsibility. However, I could not accept the treatment of the child and would have to do something. So, I would not just walk away from Omelas I would have to free the child and try to improve the child 's quality of life rather they could tell or not. This decision would result in the suffering of the people of the city, but I think life is supposed to be suffered through, to some extent, in order to understand happiness better. Surely without suffering happiness could not be appreciated as much as it

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