Analysis Of Latvijas Gaze Customer Service Center

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As per our observation of Latvijas Gaze’s customer service center, we investigated the potential for certain areas of improvement to increase employee’s productivity in Latvijas Gaze customer service center. After analyzing the work place of Latvijas Gaze customer service center, we came up with three recommendations which we think are necessary for increasing the employee’s productivity. Our recommendations are :
1. We should control the noise at the workplace in order to increase productivity.
2. We should consider human factors and ergonomics to support workplace safety, reduction of human errors and product design.
3. We should promote employee engagement in order to improve employee’s satisfaction.

Issues relating to the current productivity
During our visit to the service center we observed that the noise at the floor coming from certain workstations was distracting other employees. Noise is an issue in most workplace environments. It can disable productivity, especially in a customer contact center. As per our past working experience in multinational contact centers we believe that certain human factors and ergonomics can have a positive effect on Latvijas Gaze customer contact center as well. As per our investigation, Latvijas Gaze Contact center has a high attrition rate which reflects employee’s dissatisfaction and thus it decreases the productivity.
Control the noise at the workplace in order to increase productivity
Perceived noise is typically higher in open office environments, but this depends on a space’s organization, the materials and the nature of work being done. When employees have a degree of control over the noise in their environment, they are less distracted by it. According to U.S. General Service admi...

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...racteristics are particularly successful for “hub” or central pantry spaces on the floor.
Organize a floor plate into team “neighbourhoods,” with a variety of spaces included in each, to foster team identity and sense of place.

1. The task to initiate and supervise these changes to increase productivity will be carried out by us at Latvijas Gaze contact center. The implementation period for these recommendations is three months and the follow up for the progress will be done by checking milestones at weekly basis.
2. Employee feedback and focus groups will be carried out by us among the employees of the contact center so that their view point is considered and it would be easy for them to adapt the change as they are a part of it.
3. A detailed financial report has been attached with this report for your considerations and any follow up regarding the report.
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