Analysis Of L. Maria Child By Harriet Jacobs

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As she spoke the words in her book: “I do it with the hope that every man who reads this narrative will swear solemnly before God that, so far as he has power to prevent it, no fugitive from Slavery shall ever be sent back to suffer in that loathsome den of corruption and cruelty.”(pg. 5) Saying back then it haves a very difficult and rough time from them to be living in along with the way that they were treated at this time. I believe that Harriet Jacobs wanted to be know as L. Maria Child, because her name probably had a lot of bad memories for her. Now that she has gotten out of slavery she wanted to make a new title for herself and by so a new name.
From the evidence provided in chapter II, the impact of the slavery system among the women,
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For another incident in the book, the mother who brought her seven children to the auction-block knowing already that they’d take a few of her children, but in reality they took all seven. Thinking to myself how could people back then really think this was how God wanted all of us to treat each other, theres a reason why people are different color. Although, Jacobs wanted all mothers no matter what color to think about how would you feel to be torn apart from their…show more content…
Also, the slaveholders sons see their fathers beating up on these women and children which then these children think that it is okay to hit women. Jacobs feels that this system is corrupting the peoples minds. Also, by the way these slaveowners would look at their slaves in sexual manners. For any women this is there worst fear is to be touched in places that are private when you have no desire. Additionally yes, I feel as if Jacobs provides a claim with giving us the two examples of the slaveholders daughters and the sons at the end of chapter

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