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Executive Summary Report
The following information will provide a brief company overview and serve to identify and address a business systems solution for Kudler Fine Foods. A description and analysis of the current business needs and proposed solutions will be covered to include the benefits to overall business process and customer service.
Company Overview
Kudler Fine Foods located in the San Diego area is a specialty foods store that carries upscale gourmet food and wine to local connoisseurs of fine dining. Kudler Fine Foods was founded on June 18, 1998 by former Vice President of Marketing of a large defense corporation Kathy Kudler. Using her skills gained from her marketing background, she enabled the company to flourish and has seen impressive growth due to its increased popularity. As a result, Kathy Kudler expanded her business based in the affluent neighborhood of La Jolla, which is Spanish for "The Jewel" according to La, to include a new store located in Del Mar which was opened in 2000. Then just a short three years later in 2003 a third store was opened in Encinitas. (University of Phoenix Kudler Overview, 2014).
Current Business Need
Due to the expanding customer base of Kudler Fine Foods, a need to improve or update current networking capabilities and business systems has been identified. “Recent economic conditions and business success appears to indicate that the company will be adding numerous new locations over the next two years” (University of Phoenix Kudler Overview, 2014). The location additions are massive steps for Kudler, therefore a new and improved system should be implemented. One upgrade that should take place is combining organizational units and groups to execute access ...

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...he MIS will assist management with reporting. It will allow the generation of detailed reports which can be used to calculate sales and determine what should be purchased for inventory. The DSS is used to create scenarios to review the possibilities in a given situation. “Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge” (Koenig, 2012). This improves how management uses knowledge and makes decisions. A TPS is effective in tracking sales and returns in the daily business transaction process. An ERP is used to track the remaining business processes of Kudler Fine Foods.
The proposed systems will provide Kudler’s food with control over multiple remote locations, adaptability for future growth, and access to integrated information, which will improve overall efficiency, plus promote a collaborative environment.
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