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1. Campaign name
Keep Vindolanda Digging with increased visits, donations, and gifts
2. Background context
As Chris and Barbra (2011) pointed out, organizations do engage in different audience when it comes to pursuing their marketing and business objectives. Engagement is used to make reference to the form of communication and also whether the nature of the messages and media is essentially emotional and intellectual. In any case, organizations do make use of the mixture of these two elements in order for them to be heard, understood and engage with their audience in the course of performing a particular dialogue and establishing mutually beneficial relationship. Without much of a doubt, the level of relationship that organizations do establish with their audience has a direct influence on the performance of the organization.
In line with the above discussion, it should be noted that there is a present shift in the world towards a view of the benefits of collaboration as opposed to the earlier understanding of competitive buyer-seller relationship (Ford, 1990, p. 542). Indeed, if reviewed from a relatively modest start, it can be easily seen that buyer-seller collaboration and relationship marketing has come to be the most valued asset of any company in the business marketing agenda as well as real business practice. Following the past four decades in which the marketing mix view was the most dominant of marketing activities in every aspect of marketing literatures, relationship marketing has gradually established itself as an alternative view of marketing scheme (Blois, 1996).
The importance of marketing communication is reflected on the understanding that it has a direct impact on the central aspects of relationship marketing ...

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...ustomers, present customers, and/or potential future customers. As such, it is important to combine these views in order to understand what was done wrong in the past, how it is being addressed presently and how it will be eliminated in the future to better satisfy customers. On that ground, Facebook comments and other online comments related to the website will be analyzed in that line.
12.3. Feedbacks and complaints – the company has official website and it is likely that customers will be booking their tickets and also making reservations from the website. Thus, feedbacks and complaints coming into the website within will be addressed with high priority, while service recovery package will be adopted where necessary. The overall essence is in line with the objective of making consumers satisfied and increase their overall repurchase and recommendation intention.

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