Analysis Of Kant's Theory On Objectification In American Courtesans

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Question 1 Looking at Kant’s theory on objectification it was very eye opening. His thoughts and philosophies on objectification were creative. When women or men look for sexual encounters outside of a marriage or union, it can then be problematic and be seen as objectification. The definition of objectification is seeing or treating a person usually a woman as an object and not as a human. As Kant talked about humanity, it correlated with the definition. When discussed humanity it was about the person being not a human, but an object for someone to gain something from them, mainly in the sexual realm. As Kant talked about the third reasoning of objectification was sexual desire and the way we feel towards people. Equally problematic means…show more content…
The women in the film were sex workers at an early age in their lives. Dealing with all kinds of personal experiences that shaped them into the women they are. One of the women remembered finding her mother’s make up kit and drawer full of colorful bras and panties. She asked her mom was she a stripper. At that age she was disgusted and almost embarrassed of her mom. She did not think that was fitting for her mom or any mother. While looking at Kant’s theory he talked about the reason that us as people might not act on demeaning things initially, but further down the line when they find someone desirable things changed. With this particular lady, she felt like her mom was disgusting for participating in such acts, but low and behold she ends up in a similar maybe worse industry. Somehow some way she found someone who she desired enough to do something she morally thought was wrong at one point to please that…show more content…
Yes means yes, but in certain cases yes can also mean no. When a woman gives a man all the right signs for going forward and having sex, but then when the act starts she says no. Her signs of yes are now verbally saying NO loud and clear. Consent to me is verbal and no verbal agreement between the parties. Even if one party gives the other person a verbal, but not nonverbal consent then there was no consent. In my opinion consent is a two part thing. When consent is not given then the likely thought is someone stole something, whether it be a woman’s virginity, a car, a laptop, etc. Consent is used in everyday life not only dealing with sex, but if a child asks a parent to go somewhere and the parent doesn’t give the child consent, the child will stop and not do it. On the other hand if the child does do it still the child will deal with the consequences of their action later when the parent finds
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