Analysis Of Justice In Plato's The Republic

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What is justice? In Plato’s, The Republic this is the main point and the whole novel is centered around this question. We see in this novel that Socrates talks about what is justice with multiple characters.In the first part of Book 1 of The Republic, Socrates questions conventional morality and attempts to define justice as a way for the just man to harm the unjust man (335d) ; however, Thrasymachus fully rejects this claim, and remarks that man will only do what is in his best interest, since human nature is, and should be ruled by self-interest, and he furthers this argument by implying that morality, and thus justice, is not what Socrates had suggested, but rather that it is simply a code of behavior exacted on man by his ruler. Thrasymachus begins his argument by giving his definition of justice. He says that justice, or right is simply what is in the best interest of the stronger (338c). When questioned by Socrates on this point, he explains that each type of government (the stronger party) enacts types of justice that are in its own best interest, and expect
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I do agree with Thrasymachus to an extent. I do believe that ones in power make laws to their advantage and to fit what they believe and stand for. At the same time, we have leaders who want the better for us, or in their mind what they think is better. Not everyone has the same idea of justice. There are laws that are in place to give weak people the same opportunities and advantages as the rest of us. There are always going to be people who need extra help; because they don’t understand some life consequences of their actions. In the United States there are laws to make sure everyone has health insurance so everyone is able to get health care. Laws are for equality, stability, and safety; laws are also for giving the citizens protection as well as the own government
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