Analysis Of Junction Hotel

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Introduction Sophisticated gadgets, high standard of living and advanced technology are highly demanded in this modern and developing world. In the recent years, companies have fasten the pace within the industries by looking at constant improvements and entering ‘gaps’ in the market to attract consumers. Nowadays, not merely companies rack one’s brains to attract consumers, by hook or by crook, nations throughout the world are also trying to inform consumers that ‘Our nation is the best, please buy and wide-spread use our products or services’. These circumstance have led to consumers’ expectations and tastes increasingly homogenized, thus, the concept of globalization of nowadays economy is introduced. “Globalization is the free movement of goods, people and capital; of the three, it's the money that's had the most significant effect on our lives recently, for both good and ill.”(Schuman, 2013) In such a unpredictable economic climate, huge amount of small and medium- sized enterprises are enhancing its management model as well as its operations strategy to increase its revenues and the ability of survive. Junction Hotel is no exception. With many appearance of international hotels and related industries, junction Hotel is confronting with serious challenges. To break through barrier and obtain business success, excellent management and strategic are needed. However, present-day’s junction hotel hardly deserve to be called “success”.in spite of Junction Hotel once highly consider as a successful luxury hotel with a strong business background ,now has been under- performing for years duo to several factors such as piecemeal investments, irregular system and lack of clear objectives. To enhance efficiency and performant of Jun... ... middle of paper ... capital organic composition on profit margins, and promoted the process of vertical integration between businesses, thereby form a monopoly competition market structure. Ford be aware of the relationship between high production, high wages and high consumption. at the meantime, he proposed the that ‘ Work 8 hours a day you got $5 wages’ where worker’s income have general improved causing more spending from workers, in the other word, sales of firms increase. Form also indicates, through the concept of labor division, work task can be divided into smaller pieces, which allow “low-skilled workers” contribute in production, where the use of talents and allocation of talents can be more suitable.(Ford N.A) “Mechanization production greatly enriched our life, increase the variation of goods. Mechanization production provides more jobs opportunities for human beings.”
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