Analysis Of Julius Caesar: Raise And Fall Of A Leader

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Julius Caesar: Raise and Fall of A Leader
In 44 B.C., Julius Caesar was assassinated in the chamber of the Roman Senate. With his death,a glorious chapter of the Roman empire’s history--a history created by Caesar himself-- ended. Fifty-eight years earlier, Julius Caesar began a purposeful journey designed to place him in a position of ultimate power. Caesar was successful because he had a clear goal of what Rome could be, obstinate in his belief , and applied his insight into the political realm. Ironically, these same traits that contributed to his success would eventually lead to his downfall.
Julius Caesar knew what he needed to achieve his goal of changing the Roman political system he viewed discontented with ; therefore, he did everything
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When Caesar was a consul, he laid down laws that strengthen the rights of plebeians and weaken the power of the Senate. Reforming the uneven distribution of land has long been a serious issue; several Roman Politician even lose their lives because of the radical group against the reform. To solve this problem, Caesar wisely considered the concerns from both the nobles and plebeians and set up a land distribution policy benefited both of these groups. “The volatile political of land in Campania would not be offered to Pompey’s veterans or the Roman poor, but rather unused land in other parts of Italy would restored and offered instead” (First Triumvirate). At the same time, Caesar also showed his political talent diplomatically. He showed his tolerance to the defeated tribes, thus they would not rebel. “Julius Caesar treated the defeated people of the Gallic War tolerantly: he tried to Romanize the tribe he defeated” (Shiono 293). Instead of slaughtering them, Caesar chose to introduce Roman culture to them to assimilate them. He granted those defeated people citizen identities. This tolerance made people in defeated tribes appreciate Caesar. They became a part of Rome or in alliance with Rome

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