Analysis Of Julian Smith's Crossing The Heart Of Africa

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Love can make anybody do the unthinkable whether good or bad. It can make any man or woman realize their potential, successes and even failures. That is particularly true when looking at the novel Crossing the Heart of Africa: The Odyssey of Love and Adventure written by Julian Smith. In this novel, Smith tells the stories of two men, Ewart Grogan and Julian himself who embarked on a journey to cross Africa each with a mission they wanted to accomplish. Amazingly, these true stories of these two men have been intertwined and bring out a brilliant documentation of the happenings in their lives during the adventure. Interestingly, these two journeys took place a century apart and were each meant to accomplish a different reason but all in the…show more content…
In his modern day tour, he had to take up very uncomfortable bus rides, he experienced delays while traveling using ferries and at times he took taxis. Smith started off from Beira, and he followed in the footsteps of Grogan by following the lakes and rivers of Africa, the Great Rift Valley, and the White Nile and up North till he arrived in Cairo. One funny thing about his tour is that he avoided those parts of Africa that are deemed dangerous one of them being the Eastern Congo. While going through Rwanda, he came face to face with a country that experienced one of the worst modern day genocides. Even so, he had to overcome the seemingly unending inconveniences to reach his…show more content…
While Grogan wanted to prove his worth of marrying the woman he loved, Smith wanted to prove to himself that he is now ready to get married going by the timing of his adventure. Smith left just before he got married and was sure of that woman’s love whereas Grogan went into the jungle not sure of the outcome of his adventure. But the bottom line is that in the end, both men achieve their heart desires, and it is amazing at how much their life experiences make them similar though their experiences took place centuries apart. He may not have achieved in replicating Grogan’s long trek through Africa because of the challenges each of them faced, the truth of the matter is that Julian brings out the beauty of what makes Africa what it is in present day. Smith also succeeded in pairing up his love story to a one of the greatest historical love adventures of the 19th

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