Analysis Of John Milton's Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost

Milton took the book Genesis and wrote it more about Satan then God, Adam and Eve and called it Paradise Lost. Some say that he was worshipping the devil without even knowing it. Milton’s life wasn’t the easiest. This could have been the reason why he thought God wasn’t all that people think He is. Milton wrote more about Satan than God in his story for this reason. You will find out why Milton wrote this book and the reasons why he wrote Paradise Lost. John Milton was born on December 9, 1608 in London, England. There’s not much about Milton's mother. But Milton’s father was a scrivener, which is someone who draws legal documents. He was so good at his job that Milton didn’t half to get a job till he was
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After a month of them being together she left him. And he wrote pamphlets of his divorce because he was really upset about his divorce. When he was starting to like another person Mary came back to him and asked to be back into his life. They had three daughters and one son together but while Mary was giving birth to one of their daughters she died while giving birth. And his only son died right after she died. He then remarried again to Katherine Woodcock who died while giving birth with there only daughter who also died, they were only married for two years. He then got married for the third time to a women named Elizabeth Minshull where they were married till the day he died. Milton lost all vision in his right eye and almost became completely blind in 1652. And after that happened his wife and son died shortly after he lost his sight. Milton went to prison in 1660. While in prison he developed a deeply spiritual attitude towards light. Which he put into Paradise…show more content…
Several of Milton’s friends suffered this fate. Milton was hiding in the Tower of London thinking that he might be killed too. This is when he started to writing Paradise Lost. A lot of writers choose a religious stance that they stand firm with the writers major themes. Paradise Lost is based off of the book of Genesis from the Bible. A lot of other poets base there poems off the Bible but none of them were influenced like Paradise Lost. Milton published Paradise Lost twice the first time he published it he only put out the first 10 books in 1667 and then published the second with twelve books in 1674. It was the first major epic since Sir Edmund Spenser published his work Faerie Queene in 1590. This epic is both cosmic and far removed from Restoration England. Milton promoted his own religious agenda that didn’t threaten any royalist regime. By talking good, evil, Free will, and Trinity he advocated for a personal to conscious practice the Christian faith. It became one example of sublimity in English
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