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Poetry provides a means of expressive writing through puzzling phrases and metaphorical references. John Keats, a famous Romantic poet, used these techniques in creating his vivid imagery. Keats heavily focused on the beauty of life and the experiences he encountered with sickness and loss. Because of this the majority of Keats’ poetry reflects the ability of humans to become greatly weakened by their emotions. Keats’ upbringing shaped his poetry and as time went on he learnt the purpose of values. His poetry vividly represents the surroundings Keats placed himself in and what he was exposed to. Three poems that significantly show these effects include his romantic poem “Stanzas to Miss Wylie” and his reflective poems “On Fame” and “When I…show more content…
This poem is about people that try too hard to become famous and how fame is a difficult thing to achieve. The poem’s purpose is to open reader’s eyes to the dangers and difficulties that come with fame for it shows how ignorance can cloud a person’s vision for if one is to simply live then fame will come as they earn it (Lines 13 and 14). This poem is opinionated and stern and aims to open people’s eyes to the harsh realities that await. Keats’ believes that overachieving will only lessen the desired impact for in lines five and six he speaks of how fame is a gypsy and that it will only be there if one learns to accept not having it. This poem is structured with an alternate rhyme scheme so that at the end of each four lines there is a slight pause let the message sink in. By creating strong emotion Keats demonstrates that being blinded by fame only makes people less of themselves and the imagery used within this poem creates a sense of fame being a living being because of Keats’ artistic choice in personifying fame as a gypsy, a wayward girl and other privileged beings. This further shows how people are weakened by their emotions and would ignore the pain of fame for the feeling of being…show more content…
His ideologies about how the human condition of weakness to emotions is clearly evident in each of his poems. This includes the belief that every person will be weakened due to love, fear, admiration or other emotions. Keats’ valued the understanding of how these emotions cloud one’s views and portrayed this in his poetry through imagery and metaphors. These ideologies present themselves relevant to contemporary audiences because emotions and their effects never change and understanding these effects is highly important – without this recognition many people would live by their heart and not their head. Within Australia, readers adopt a very optimistic view of Keats’ poetry and can see that while emotions are important so is knowing how to deal with them and their

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