Analysis Of John Igagni's Murder

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John Igagni’s murder, although unsolved, can be explained using modern day theories and approaches to crime. Edward O. Wilson’s socio-biological approach and the theory of differential association, both can be utilized when explaining the murder of John Igagni. Wilson’s theory analyzes the crime using a much larger scale of time and focuses on the adaptive history behind the action and the root instinct that motivates the behavior. In this approach, Wilson is affirming the thoughts of territoriality and how the instinctual need for territory that use to be prevalent in an earlier generation still impacts behavior today (O’Brady, 2014). Why this murder was committed could also be explained using the theory of differential association as this…show more content…
With this fact, we can apply sociobiological theory to explain why Igagni was killed. Since the days of the first people, people have always assumed a need for territory, which correlates with the human need for survival. For example living on top of a hill, would have been smart in the middle ages as they could have seen their enemies coming. Through evolution, this genetic impulse for Territory has simmered down into a constant feeling of needing more. Most humans fulfill this desire with materialistic possessions such as the new iPhone and a big house. But for members of society from lower classes who can’t purchase these things, or for people who can’t find satisfaction in material, participating in gang activity can sometimes fulfill this lust for power and territory. Igagni’s murderer could 've committed the murder for many specific reasons but whether it have been for money, revenge, land, information or just an example, all of these traits fall under the umbrella of territorial desire. This desire can be illustrated using the approach taken by Wilson, affirming the thoughts of territoriality and how the approach can create criminal actions. In the textbook, they specifically give the example of gang violence saying “the violence associated with street gangs would be a good example of the aggressiveness associated with territoriality.” (O’Grady, 2014, 78). The evolutionary desire of territory can be demonstrated by gang violence, specifically the murder of John Igagni, therefore the sociobiological theory of crime gives us a clear and concise approach to analyzing gang homicide in
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