Analysis Of Jodi Emerson 's Article About Fierce Freedom

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Over the semester my group worked closely with IJM and Fierce Freedom. We did two events for each group. With IJM we did the stand for freedom event, where you stand for 24 hours. Our group took turns at the event so that someone was always at the tent for most of the time. We also had a bake sale to raise money, so we needed people to be there selling them. The event was successful and we got a lot of great pictures with people getting involved with stand for freedom. Fierce Freedom had a night of hope event where our group volunteered and helped the organization save money and helped with various tasks. These groups share a common goal, to end slavery, as well as human trafficking. WEAU Eau Claire posted an article about Fierce Freedom and how it works to educate people, organizations, and communities to end human trafficking. This is an issue because it’s estimated that 36 million people are effected by human trafficking. In the article Jodi Emerson said "It 's really been a quiet topic that people really don 't want to talk about, and don 't want to realize that it 's happening." She also notes that Wisconsin is behind other states such as Minnesota and Illinois. The article also mentions the importance of law enforcement in this issue. The importance of this article is to share the importance of this organization and help make stop human trafficking. Both organizations are non-profit. As for the whole semester, I have learned a lot of concepts that will be useful in the future. Earlier this semester I learned to incorporate more knowledge on the bystander effect. People are less likely to help when in groups rather than alone, which called the bystander effect. Forsyth (2014) discusses how the bystander effect could be caus... ... middle of paper ... ... got into groups with their color I could see the importance of mixing groups with different colors. I was a blue and I’m almost certain we had all of the colors, if anything maybe we missed one color. It was helpful in our SPRP group that we had gold to keep us on track and focused, as well as blue and green for sure. These colors mixed well and I personally think it helped a lot with our group work. Without gold I don’t think groups can be as organized, and gold’s like authority so it makes everyone feel more comfortable when people speak their ideas rather than the whole group being to shy to say anything. I hope to take these skills on with me and do more group work where everyone is working toward a common goal or passion of theirs, it defiantly made my group experience more enjoyable and especially more productive, where everyone wants to help with their part.

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