Analysis Of Jfk Inaugural Address

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John F. Kennedy chose to write this essay because he was attempting to show us the vision the he had for our world. Kennedy’s purpose of writing the “Inaugural Address” was to challenge us to change our way of thinking and become better not only for ourselves, but for our country so that we may function more efficiently. The major groups Kennedy addresses in his speech are the United States and the other nations who are enemies of the United States. Kennedy’s central point for the entire essay is that we as a nation need to defend our freedoms all around the world. In order to defend our freedoms we must stop fighting amongst each other and join together in unison. We have the ability to share all different types of ideas, cultures, and experiences.…show more content…
Some major weaknesses are when the author explains how half the globe is struggling and how we would not be able to help everyone. A major strength is when the author gives multiple examples of how to make our world better. If I was the author, I would not do anything differently with this essay. I would keep the points that talk about unifying our world because it has a positive message that hints toward improving our future. When might we obtain the ability to unite the entire world? How will we make sure we keep our promise? Who can we trust to lead us in the right direction? Pessimistic would object to the author’s main points asserted in this essay. Their major objections would be towards uniting the entire world. The author would respond by stating to only think positive. I would agree with the author because positivity is towards the right path. The entire page 310 best illustrates the author’s skillful use of language. The pledge Kennedy states makes these passages so effective. The author’s background influence his writing and thinking in this essay because Kennedy established the Peace Corps. I would like to research the struggle of half the globe because I want to know the rest of the world’s struggles and brainstorm what solutions to solve the struggles. I would search for other sources related close to the
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