Analysis Of Jean Michel Basquiat And Per Capita

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‘Most artists have critical and productive relationships with their culture’. The statement above can be considered through the art of Jean Michel Basquiat and Ai Wei Wei as they attempt to depict their own cultures. Both artists demonstrate this in a critical light in response to world events and issues through their art. This is reflected expressively through Jean Michel Basquiat’s “Per Capita” and Ai Wei Wei’s “A study in perspective”. The presence of social commentary to provoke thought is present through Basquiat’s works especially through his famous artwork “Per Capita” in 1981. Productive and critical relationships are clearly evident through Basquiat’s use of suggestive dichotomies such as ‘wealth vs poverty’ and ‘Equality vs Inequality”…show more content…
The corporate logo within ‘Per Capita’ especially present on the boxing shorts of the black boxing figure presents the injustice within Basquiat’s world/context. Basquiat identifies this idea through presenting the manipulation of the major companies on the black figure. With this manipulation of African Americans, it reflects the greed of the major companies such as ‘Everlast’ to incorporate the injustice and inequality as a result of the actions of those companies towards black people in his context. Through conveying a darker side to his social context, Basquiat uses these symbols to outlines the adverse effects of personal/corporal greed at the expense of others suffering and wishes for the end of such actions acceptable by others at the…show more content…
The photograph presented in a grainy black and white signifies historical value of capturing an important moment to the artist providing an opinion based on the subject matter and also as evidence of this event. The photograph also becomes subversive and removes power from the significant location through the middle finger gesture providing a symbol of defiance. Ai Wei Wei’s defiance present through his art acts to depict a critical relationship to the Chinese government and provide a productive relationship to the rest of the world by bringing awareness to the world stage once again on the issue of violation of human

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