Analysis Of Jean Baudrillard's 'Iraq War'

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THE MADMAN OF FREEDOM SQUARE From the Iran–Iraq War through the Occupation, this assembly of imaginary short stories presents a rigid opinion of the relationship amongst the West and Iraq, as well as an evocative analysis of the postwar refugee familiarity. Blending symbol with historical practicality and undermining prospects in an unwavering comedy of the horrid, these stories succeed to be both dreamlike and outrageously real (Balāsim and Wright 12). For all the misery and gloom depicted in these fascinating stories from underlining hostage-video makers in Baghdad to following human trafficking in Serbia's forests, what remains more than the poignant images of war is the essence of disobedience and of untiring bravery. In Thawing of the East, Jean Baudrillard says, “In the West, freedom or the Idea of Freedom died a beautiful death: we all had a chance to take a good look at it in all the recent festivities performed in its name. In the East it was assassinated, but no crime is ever perfect” (Baudrillard). In essence, Baudrillard tries to examine freedom as expressed in the east...

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