Analysis Of Jane Flax's Tapestries Of Life

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The reading basically sums up different perspectives about feminism. Feminist theories have been going on for a long time. Feminist theories often describe women’s way of living and explaining its causes and consequences (Tong, 1998). It is how women act the way they act, think the way they think, and speak the way they speak.
According to Jane Flax, feminist theory has several purposes. First is understanding the power differential between men and women. We all know that in the world we live in today, men are the superiors because of what we call patriarchy and women are highly encouraged to do or follow what men does and want.
Second is understanding women’s oppression or their authority under an unjust or burdensome manner. Oftentimes misunderstood,
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She also mentioned that in order to see progress, one must commit to do something about the situation of women.
On the other hand, Bettina Aptheker mentioned in “Tapestries of Life” that women’s lives are fragmented, dispersed, and episodic. The everyday life of women affects their thinking and actions. It is on their dailiness that we get to connect the patterns they try to show, the meanings behind what they say and do and as we try to connect and get these meanings, we, then, slowly recognize and view a woman’s standpoint in life.
In Jean Grimshaw’s Philosophy and Feminist Thinking, she stated that feminist viewpoints must believe that women have been oppressed and unjustly treated. She also mentioned that something needs to be done about the situation. The experiences women have gone through before affect their lives today, resulting to an oppression most people are fussing about. Women before weren’t really privileged to do anything. They were treated differently from men. But Grimshaw also stated how feminists conceptualize the oppression, its causes, and their responses
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In this theory, women classify themselves as to what their status is in the society. “A woman’s conception of herself is a product of her social existence” as it was mentioned in the theory. The Marxist feminism is a rejection of individuality set by the liberal feminism since women are a distinct economic class rather than individuals.
The radical feminism focuses more on gender. Women are oppressed because they are women. Radical feminism aims to defeat and/or contradict patriarchy and start promoting a radical or a reform of the society. This theory is basically about women trying to recreate a new form of society where dominance is not for men alone.
The socialist feminism is just like a combination of the Marxist and radical feminism. This theory focuses on the importance of the difference among people namely sex, class, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, and sexual orientation. It states that a woman’s life is shaped by what she experiences and by the aforementioned
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