Analysis Of Jackson Memorial Long-Term Care Facility

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Today, the typical person knows much more about cars or apartments than he does about long-term care or nursing homes. Jackson Memorial Long-term Care Facility is known for its quality care and new developments in health care. Behind the scenes, however, are issues handled that construct the quality of care and management that Jackson Memorial LTC is known for.
“Change is a fact of life. In long-term care change is constant and inevitable.” (David Farrell, 2011) However, with change there are issues that can arise if not prepared for or supported by staff. In many ways, health services research has contributed to the field as it has evolved. “As the long-term care system continues to grow and change, new challenges arise, providing ample opportunities for new research to be conducted and for existing research to be applied in innovative ways.” (Judith Feder, 2000) At Jackson Memorial LTC Facility, health care professionals are utilizing the change and growth in research to move forward in this industry. Giving them the “lift they need” to respond to the changes taking place not on...

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