Analysis Of Ivan Ilyich's Life Is Beautiful

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Death is not what everyone wants to think about when everything is going good, well we think its going good. This is how Ivan Ilyich felt until his last couple hours of life when all he could do was lay there and scream and regret it all. While we look at Guido from “Life is Beautiful”, and he knew all along what was going to happen to them but would use all the humor in his body to just put a smile on his sons face. It was in common meeting with Dr. Frasier the word entombment was brought up to show the detachment of the essential link that everything has with God. Each of these characters has a different way they pursue death and come to turns with it. When looking at all theses different words optimism, repentance, and entombment we see…show more content…
“Who ever gets a thousand points wins the prize, which is a real tank.”(Life is Beautiful) People could say this is just how Guido is, everything is a joke to him, but to me he knew what was going to happen to them and seeing a smile on his sons face wouldn’t just help his son but everyone there with them. Even when Joshua knew there were no more children let if in the camp and that something was wrong Guido told him “well that’s because they are hiding they don’t want to caught and lose the game, they are very good at this game.”(Life is Beautiful) I believe that Guido was right in every action he took in the film because why would you want your son to know at just a young age of all the evil in the world and that his little life was about to come to an end. I am one to always make a bad situation into a funny one and make people laugh because I believe that life is to short to be upset or mad. This could also be when at funeral receptions when family and friends get up to talk about stories of the person’s life, they are usually funny stories to…show more content…
When I know that money doesn’t matter in life it’s the connections to people and your family that make your life mean something special. While Ivan is screaming for two hours in bed in pain he says to his family “forgive”, but it came out “forget.” This is when he is fighting death and notices that his whole life he has been living it wrong and took everything for granted. As long as he and his wife “ moved in the best circles and there home was frequented by people of importance and by the young.”(Tolstoy 61) Ivan regretted all of this because he noticed that he was not just killing himself but his family as well. It took Ivan way to long in my opinion to see all the problems in his life, his wife and son truly loved the man and just wanted a happy family instead of the game they been playing. Both of these two men were trying to find away from death in their lives but always new it was coming you could say it was

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