Analysis Of Is Google Making USupid

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In modern society, people have become over reliant on the internet and as a consequence of this, our ability to think critically has reduced significantly. An author that contributes to this point, Nicholas Carr, argues in his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, how the internet is turning people into weak-minded thinkers. Carr states his argument by bringing up multiple points such as how we’ve become too dependent on it, how we’ve spent a lot of time doing unproductive things on it, and how it does the majority of work for you. I believe that the internet can make people stupid, but that’s not its true intention. Despite some of the strong claims that he makes, I realized that the real issue is that people don’t know how to properly…show more content…
Whether it be people spending too much time on the internet doing unproductive things, people being too dependent on the internet, or the internet doing majority of the work for the people themselves, the internet itself isn’t the main reason why its users are stupid, rather it’s people’s stupid use of it. Over use of the internet does not give people time to develop the essential cognitive skills that are necessary for them to adequately work on problems or analyze what is coming towards them. Overdependence of the internet or technology is detrimental because it takes away from our critical ability to learn the material ourselves. The internet doing majority of the work for people is also harmful because we are letting technology take away our right to actively engage and understand the material rather than memorize the material. There is a difference between becoming the material and letting the material become you, and that is what the internet has done to those who let it consume them. It takes away from the human drive in which we aspire to reach our goals and work towards truly understanding why we want something. That being said, the internet has the power to make people stupid, but it should not take full responsibility for people being stupid. As a technologically advanced generation, in order to succeed we must be in control of the technology, and realize that there is more to knowledge than what is on a
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