Analysis Of Intelligence And Leadership

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A brief analysis of “Intelligence and Leadership: A Quantitative Review and Test of Theoretical Propositions” In this article Judge, Ilies and Colbert (2004) attempted to prove a correlation between intelligence and leadership effectiveness. They hypothesized, very clearly, that intelligence would be related positively to the perceived and objective, determined by a written test, effectiveness of leaders. Additionally, they believed that intelligence-leadership correlation is greater when assessed and measured perceptually. Finally Judge, Ilies and Colbert (2004) hypothesized that the correlation would be lower during stressful situations and for less directive leaders. To conduct this study a quantitative statistical analysis of 151 separate but similar studies from 96 different sources were analyzed which tested positive for perceptual or objective statistical significance (Judge, Ilies and Colbert, 2004). The mean correlation was calculated to determine the relationship. It was determined that a very minor correlation did exist between greater intelligence and leadership effect...
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