Analysis Of Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

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There was no freedom after all Incidents in the life of a slave girl is a memoir written by Harriet Jacobs, there she explained the hardships African-Americans experienced during slavery. Slaves were subjected to be just property and this gave their owners the right under the law to abused them, deny them of basic human rights, and liberty to protect their families from slave-owners. Many slaves would scape to the free states but soon realized that there was segregation between African-Americans and white-Americans and extradition laws that would sent runaway slaves back to the south to their owners. Slaves were seemed as property, their lives were controlled by someone else, and they encounter segregation and extradition laws in the Free states,…show more content…
Harriet Jacobs in many occasions had to learn there was segregation of African-Americans and White-Americans. “I found the same manifestations of that cruel prejudice, which so discourages the feelings, and repressed the energies of the colored people”(144). For African-American to live in the free states did not mean that were equal to White-Americans, African-Americans were not allowed to share the same public spaces as white people, cabins and restaurants. The Fugitive slave law was a danger for Jacobs and many other people in her situation, she still was a slave in the south and feared the persecution of kidnappers who would take her to the south. Jacobs often would find herself rushing and walking through the back streets whenever she had to do an errand (157). Jacob experienced what many other fugitives experienced, the lack of security to walk with freedom in the streets. When fugitive slave went to the Free states they realized that they were not actually free, they had to encounter segregation as well as the persecution of kidnapers and owners from the south. This constant inequality and fear of being taken back to the south therefore slaves could not resist
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