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The story, In Praise of Fast Food, written by Rachel Laudan is an evaluation argument recommending healthy food choices in comparison to fast food. Laudan responds by sharing her experience with growing up on a farm and a child and eating food from her family garden. “Modern, fast, processed food is a disaster” (Faigley 302). In this writing selection, the author provided effective evidence to argue the inadequate safety of food today saying, “They built granaries, dried their meat and their fruit, salted and smoked their fish, curdled and fermented their dairy products, and cheerfully used additives and preservatives- sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, lye- to make audible foodstuffs” (Faigley 304). Food in the past was very different than what we have today. First in the writing, Laudan outlines our ancestors along with the history of our food and how the food we have today came about. “Fresh meat was rank and tough, fresh fruits and vegetables…show more content…
Since earning a PhD in the history and philosophy of science at the University of London, Laudan has taught at universities in Mexico, Argentina, and the United States” (Faigley 301). The information about the author is presented before the story begins. Now that the reader is provided with information about the author, the reader has a greater understanding of the writer’s history and knowledge in the subject. As stated on page 301, Laudan has grown up eating healthy and natural food grown from her own backyard. This varies from our ancestors, who did not eat natural food as a result of the consideration to be inedible. Laudan has taught at multiple universities in various countries sharing her experience and knowledge. These facts ensure the reader that Laudan has written a credible

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