Analysis Of In N Out Vs. Shake Shack

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In N Out Vs. Shake Shack
Social media is a key tool that has changed both our everyday lives and the way we do business. In the modern world, almost everyone who has a smart phone – and most of those who have computers - also hold accounts on a social media company. Currently, In N Out Burger and Shake Shack, two of America’s most buzz-worthy restaurants, are exhibiting great success at using the social media world to promote their businesses. Both companies have established a presence on many of the most popular social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of these burger-focused restaurants, however, has demonstrated a very different approach to their social media. Shake Shack’s social media presence is truly remarkable. With about 278,000 Instagram followers, 181,000 Facebook followers, and 59,000 Twitter followers, they have high levels of engagement from many
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This will allow In N Out to not only attract new social media followers who stumble across their posts, but also retain their current customer base, who will be interested to what In N Out is posting throughout the week. The second key strategy that In N Out needs to start incorporating is placing a greater emphasis on images of its most famous product, the In N Out burger! Posting well-done photos that make the food look irresistible will attract even more customers to In N Out’s already crowded locations, which will lead to a rise in sales. Finally, In N Out must increase their engagement with their followers on all platforms. An effective strategy may be following Shake Shack’s example re-posting images that are sent in by their customer base. This will make the overall experience a lot more fun In N Out’s social media followers, and will make those followers more likely to become frequent
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