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In Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background Matisse uses color and simple lines to create a warm environment to show an intimate moment of a women. Matisse uses color to express emotions, which is why the colors are so warm and inviting. The simple lines are used throughout the painting so no one part of the painting is more important than the other. Matisse gives the viewer just enough information to understand what the object is. The placement of every item, including the figure is important to how the viewer sees the painting, nothing feels out of place. The use of space, color, and line, create a painting that is able to be emotional yet available, intimate yet comfortable. The painting shows the human spirit in the way that is should be, without fear of judgement. Decorative Figure on an Ornamental Background depicts a woman, her lower body wrapped in a white sheet, sitting on the floor. The walls are covered in a very ornate floral pattern. The flowers are red and white, and there is a blue and brown pattern…show more content…
Matisse uses colors that are complementary, which makes the eye relax. For example in the rug he used red and green, and in the wall paper he used blue and yellow. Although the colors are opposite on the color wheel, when paired together they are easily absorbed by the viewer, because essentially complementary colors cancel eachother out. Matisse also used brown, which is hard color to use, but it is the primary colors mixed together, so it feels very warm and natural in the painting. Matisse also used black line on the figure to flatten the painting, as well as bring the colors all together. The use of the unnatural colors in the painting points to Matisse trying to express space and emotion at the same, in the same place. Matisse is not relying on the actual situation to describe emotions, but rather the nature of his color

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