Analysis Of In Cold Blood By John Capote

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Capote brought forth a new and innovative style of writing with his creation of In Cold Blood, in which he introduced a new genre called "non-fiction novel" This book is centred around the murdering of a well known American family known as the Clutters. Capote uses many literary techniques to establish his purpose while grabbing the attention of the readers. He wanted this book to have a effect on his audience and he was successful because he was able to tell the true story of the Clutter murdering with a twist thus making his style incredibly effective as he delves into his purposes which are to reveal the flaws in our criminal justice system while taking a political stance, revel a different perspective of the crime, and delving into the psychological aspect of the criminal mind. When a crime so violent as this one is committed we tend to listen to everyone else except the actual criminals. This is mind-set that Capote was trying to free his audience from.We don't ever consider the motives of these violent crimes directly correlate to traumatic experiences that the criminal faced during their childhood. These experiences can cripple the mind of a individual to the extent that it can leave them with a mental illness. Therefore these criminals aren't completely responsible for the violent deeds that they carry out for it is just a result of their corrupt mentalities that cant be changed thus the justice system should be more lenient and show clemency when determining whether the criminal should be sentenced to the death penalty. Capote implies that many of the laws when it comes to the punishment of the mentally ill; he does this through his characters of Perry and Dick. Capote first into the childhood of Perry Smith by explain... ... middle of paper ... ...o individuals right before their execution make the readers feel a sense of pity for them especially after growing to know so much about them and their background the audience hopes for the system to show some mercy upon these two. The scene seems so inhumane and unjust that the author describes that Dewey couldn't even stand to watch the scene unfold. He had to shut his eyes until the death of Perry was complete because it was a disturbing sight to witness. Seeing Dewey his partner assure him that "He don’t feel nothing. Wouldn’t be humane if he did." yet it took Dick twenty minutes to die and its only unimaginable the type of suffering and torture he had to undergo within those twenty minutes till it was all over. By revealing the gruesome details that took place during the execution of Dick and Perry Capote is subtly criticizing the cruelty of capital punishment.

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