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Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility that goes beyond economic and legal obligations. It focuses on acting ethically and contributing in a positive way to society. IKEA is an international company that has the capability to play a large role in different societies around the world. The company uses their CSR Report to effectively show whom they are, what they’ve done and what they plan to do in order to remain a successful brand and have a positive impact on the communities around them.
Taking part in strong Corporate Social Responsibility gives companies the chance to be strategic and create social values that can differentiate one from their competitors. One way that IKEA differentiates themselves is by ensuring they are running their business in an environmentally friendly way. In September 2015, the company achieved their goal of converting all lighting products to LED lights. These bulbs save up to 85% more energy and can last significantly longer. This helps both IKEA customers and the environment. IKEA has also implemented this change in their stores saving the company thousands of dollars every year. The change provides a greater good to society giving IKEA a strong competitive advantage. Throughout IKEA’s CSR report a strong value that is touched upon many times is sustainability. Sustainability focuses on
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IKEA is a company that understands that to be successful in today’s world of business they must do more than just obey economical and legal obligations. To be profitable and successful they must act ethically and in the best interest of society. IKEA recognizes that when strong ethical principles are in place it improves the brand image of the company, provides goodwill and creates a greater good for the world around them. It is these underlying values that create a successful brand and international
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