Analysis Of I Wandered As A Lonely Cloud, By William Wordsworth

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This English Course explored different poets’ poetry. Throughout this course a wide range of different poems was presented for analytical purpose to understand the history during those times. This course helped bring to light on the meanings behind of each poet 's poems. For me taking this course I was not interested in poetry at all but now after taking this class I have learned to appreciate the beautiful poets that express their beliefs in many of their poetry, yet the stimulating moment when my mind engaged with an author 's thought. As William Blake once said “As a man is, so he sees. As the eye is formed, such are its powers” means that we can see only what we are prepared to see or expect to see. As a student, I wanted to understand…show more content…
Furthermore, He was inspired by Dorothy and Coleridge and other poets as well. William Wordsworth had written mostly for his poetic beliefs and political situation. I notice that he was a key to the Romanticism. You can also see William Wordsworth wanted to create poetry that had reunited the readers with their true feelings and emotions.
People generally see the poems with rhyming and flow at first, in this case “I Wandered as a Lonely Cloud” by William Wordsworth has a rhyme to it which is (ABABCC). He also has a few themes in play such as memory, the past, and happiness. William Wordsworth shows happiness in an astonishing style, the poem shows how when you are alone, you can use your imagination like nature and feel happy about life. The speaker of this poem makes a heaven out of a windy day and a bunch of daffodils, which gives him a little boost of joy whenever is
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Learning more on the history and what the poets gone through. The poems having deep meanings rather than a lightly meaning. The poets believing in their beliefs and not considering what others thought of their writing but creating it more valuable so that the critics ended up liking it more than they did before. William Wordsworth poetry is incredible and the other poets that I was also fond of. William Blake and the other poets seen issue that was happening during their time and used how they felt and visualize it through their poems and wanted other to feel the same way. The used their poetry to be outspoken on situations that they couldn’t