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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Location With the location in the center of Savannah, Georgia, a location that gives Hyla in Paradise and Hylaorganics a strong chance for success. The location represents the typical Georgia’s Coastal Plain Region with both plants and wildlife as the lakes and landscapes. (Tillman, 2013) 1.2 Restaurant Style Hylaorganics is going to be a new healthy, organic casual dining restaurant inspired by the increasing health conscious attitudes of Americans. Figure 1.1 illustrates organic food will increase dramatically over the coming years (McIver 2004). Hylaorganics specializes in delicious certified organic and natural foods and wines with high nutritional value (See Appendix 1.4&1.5) in a relaxed atmosphere. 1.3 Eco-Friendly restaurant Design Hylaorganics not only cares about its customer’s health, but also the environment. The building will be LEED certified, commonly known as “ green” using sustainable, resource efficient models of renovation and operation. Table 1.1 illustrates the Key Performance Ares and each specific LEED Point Requirements. Moreover, Appendixes 1.3 shows the eco-friendly décors, which help Hylaorganics create its sustainable environment for a longer term of business. Hylaorganics is designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and natural environment. As an eco-friendly restaurant, Hylaorganics works hard to reduce the impacts to the environment by following our sustainable practices (See Table 1.2). In addition, the Hylaorganics will keep and maintain the natural beauty of Chatham County. 1.4 Mission The mission of Hylaorganics is to provide a unique, healthy, delicious dining experience from environmentally sustainable locations. 1.5 Products and S... ... middle of paper ... ...elling (See Appendix 4.3) • Clear Dining Table During Service (See Appendix 4.4) • Food Born Illness Complaint (See Appendix 4.5) 4.1 Questions about Standard of Preferences See Appendixes 5.0 5.0 Conclusions Hylaorganics will be a good business. However, it is difficult for Hylaorganics to compete with conventional and non-organic food restaurants due to the higher costs of the products and facilities. In order to operate successfully, Hylaorganics needs to attract more visitors who are looking for an eco friendly way of living. In order to compete the higher costs, Hylaorganics needs to take considerations about the operating hours, menu items and cleanliness procedures. Above all, it is essential for Hylaorganics to be flexible and catch any opportunities to present itself. Likewise, Hylaorganics needs to survey customers and adjust the restaurant as demanded.

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