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Pinkney, J. B. (2006). Hush, little baby. New York: Greenwillow Books. The family was trying to get the baby to stop crying while the mother was running errands so they sang her a song! In my opinion Hush, little baby with an excellent story. Really loved how colorful and bright the pictures were. The pictures really made the song come alive. I remember hearing the song as a child, but by being able to see the Beautiful pictures along with the story song it gave it whole another feel. I would definitely use it with infants. Activity: Sing hush, little baby Key Learning Area: Creative Thinking and Expression – Communicating through the Arts Standard Area: 9.1.M Production and Performance – Music and Movement Strand: DEMONSTRATION 9.1.M PK.A…show more content…
Pinkney, A. D., & Pinkney, J. B. (2006). Peggony-Po: A whale of a tale. New York: Jump at the Sun Hyperion Books for Children. Peggony-po was about a boy named Peggony-po who was after the whale who ate his father’s leg while he was trying to capture the whale. In my opinion Peggony-po was a modern version of Pinocchio or a combination of Pinocchio and Moby Dick. The story was well written. I would definitely use it with young children. It was nicely illustrated. Even though it was wordy you also had enough to look at and hold their attention. Activity: Trip to the Zoo to see the whales and petting zoo Key Learning Area: Scientific Thinking and…show more content…
ONE Concept or Competency: Relate information and/or experiences from the past. Pinkney, A. D., & Pinkney, J. B. (1993). Alvin Ailey. New York: Hyperion Books for Children. About Alvin Aileys life from when he was very young to when he moved to Los Angeles and up until he started his dance Theater. In my opinion I wouldn’t read this story again. I just could not get into it. I feel it is too long to read to a child. It had lovely art work so that helped me get through the biography. This would be better for a preteen. Activity: Free play Key Learning Area: CREATIVE THINKING AND EXPRESSION: COMMUNICATING THROUGH THE ARTS Standard Area: 9.1.M Production and Performance – Music and Movement Strand: REPRESENTATION Early Learning Standard (include numbers etc.): 9.1.M PK.E Use imagination and creativity to express self through music and dance ONE Concept or Competency: Select music and movement area during free

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