Analysis Of 'How Do You Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables'

How do you get your kids to eat veggies?

How We Got Our Kids To Eat Vegetables

The solution for me came from my husband. Here is how it worked for us: (...)

Make the transition to the second half of your post as easy as possible for the reader, using more than one question or two questions if you deem it necessary.

It 's important that the reader responds to this first call-to-action before you go on to tackle your topic or give your advice. The benefit? They will show more interest in what you have prepared for them to read and act upon.

This storytelling technique works better if you add a second call-to-action at the end of your post, asking your readers to put your advice in practice and to share their stories, too, just like
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Silvia Gabbiati: They liked my writing style and especially the humanity conveyed [in the stories].

Luana: What kind of approach did you use for storytelling?

Silvia Gabbiati: Sometimes I described imaginary situations, trying to shape the profile of the story protagonist as best as possible in order to make the process of identification [for the reader] more agile and powerful; other times I used situations I lived in first person but I had an alter-ego character live them [in the story].

Luana: What most important advice would you give to writers who want to use the storytelling technique?

Silvia Gabbiati: First of all, describe real situations that will spark people 's interest. Nobody likes to read plain narrations without emotions nor passion in the writing! Then, describe the context in detail, especially the protagonist, so that the reader will grow familiar with them and will start to consider them a friend, someone to learn something from at the end of the reading. It 's vital to pay attention to the emotional aspect.
Link to the complete Italian interview:
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Philip learned from Sean D 'Souza 's The Brain Audit that storytelling is much more poweful when you -

Start with a problem, a "bleeding neck problem", twist a knife in it, emphasize what is going to happen, Build a link between the problem and your target reader... then solve the problem.
The first 34 pages of The Brain Audit are available for free in PDF format on D 'Souza 's website linked above. I have read them and I can tell you - I agree with Philip. D 'Souza 's method of using your audience 's language to convey your message or offer (or to tell your story) works.

There is more in the book, but the takeaway is that the closer you come to your reader, the more your writing will build a connection and eventually convert.

More Storytelling Techniques?

There are plenty listed at Amanda Lewan 's blog and at Writtent (15 in the list here!).

What is the storytelling technique that works best for
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