Analysis Of How Beer Gave Us Civilization

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Kahn, Jeffrey P. "How Beer Gave Us Civilization." The New York Times, 16 Mar. 2013. Web. 27 Sept. 2016.
This article presents an explanation of how the beer has led to the human civilization. The author starts off by addressing that humans were restricted socially. Lifesaving social instincts such as artistic expressions, romance, and inventiveness didn’t lend themselves to the development of human civilization. The author goes on to describe that, the only thing that freed up the rigid social codes that restricted people was the invention of beer. The author notes that this accidental discovery is unknown but it was discovered 10,000 years ago. The author explains the current theory that most people believe that many people stored
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The author gives an elaborate explanation on the history of the beer and how the beer has led to the development of human civilization. The article has a lot of outside sources such as researches and theories that support the author’s point. According to this article, beer has played an important role in human civilization and the article points out a lot of examples on how beer was important to the people of the people for a lot of purposes. This article also uses some credible information from the research to explain how the beer was made and how it was first discovered. Finally, the article proves the point that beer has helped to improve the human…show more content…
It’s a possibility, some archaeologists say.” The author continues by noting that people did the hard work to cultivate grains for feasts and important community gatherings. Beer is sacred stuff in most traditional societies. The main point is since people had to stay to look over their crops, people settled at a permanent place and then they were coming into contact with other people more often, spurring the establishment of social customs. The author continues to talk about the history of the grains and agriculture. Hayden, who is an archeologist talks about that when there are feasts, it would be expensive to serve and prepare food but beer would be cheap and could be afforded by the majority of people. This is the one of the for the people that motivated them to cultivate cereal grains. The author continues to note that, feats are essential for people because it would bring the people closer together and creating the supporting network and developing more complex kind of societies. Beer played a huge role in making a feast beautiful. The brewing of beer has also developed new technologies which made the people’s life a lot easier. Finally, beer has made human’s life more enjoyable and

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