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In Hollywood Harems, the oriental woman is portrayed as the object of the fantasies of western males. The film focused on representing Muslim women as a form of sexual entertainment. For example, an oriental woman is seen dancing in a revealing dress and lures men in her past the holiness of the veil through the forbidden territory of the harem. Harem expressed the idea of women as a form of entertainment and repression of women sexuality. The message of the film illustrates the fascination of the east and reinforces derogative assumptions about people in the east in general and women in particular; it also reinforces the idea of cultural supremacy of the Anglo-European world. Hollywood used the term harem in the 1950s as a response to the…show more content…
For example honor killings, including female genital mutilation, is a traditional patriarchal custom where, male family members subject Muslim women to murder in case they lose their virginity before marriage either by rape, falling in love with the wrong men or the victim of incest they refuse to accept an arranged marriage. This behavior is considered socially acceptable and a dishonor to the family, especially among the underprivileged classes where they can achieve honor more than prosperity. This film encourages the idea that honor killings are linked to Islam, however, it is not mentioned in the Quran and it has occurred in other religions such as Judaism and Christianity as well as in Islam. Women are victimized through established religious restrictions that are neither condoned nor confined by the principles of Islam. Egypt and Jordan witness cases like this, even though they are not motivated by honor. A considerate number of NGOs and legislation succeeded in imposing sentences to people committing these crimes, these acts are still occurring in silence. (Husseini,…show more content…
She fears imprisonment because she was involved in a communist group. She writes a diary that tells the story of her hidden half and past. The protagonist is so scared to tell the truth to her husband that she expresses herself through words; her dairy is her way to fill the pages with herself and avoid the feeling of emptiness. The diary is written to affirm her ’ I ‘ and her true self, something that she could not do in real life and imagine a better reality that can create possibility and hope. Through writing, she is able to form her own self and writes herself into existence. In her diary, she can reclaim her intellectual space; she can express herself freely and can confess her thoughts away from the pressure of her

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