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Hi there Jim and A.Ron - I just wanted to drop a line as a fan and supporter of the Bald Move endeavor. I enjoy the levity in your analysis, which I do find very thoughtful and balanced. For someone who personally has been blogging for nearly a decade (eek!) I say I definitely empathize with you regarding your recent thoughts regarding The Walking Dead. But first I will share some of my thoughts: You know what? Sure this season has been a bit of a slog with its dragged out narrative and last week 's episode which will probably remain to hold a "special," low place for me alongside "Still" (4x12), Slabtown and the Governor episodes as un-rewatchable (and trust me I am a Rewatcher Maximus). I stand by that view even in the face of opposing opinions - hell someone whose opinion I hold in very high esteem really loved the episode. I even concede that some of my thoughts on 7.06 probably was likely shaped by AMC themselves with their "In the coming weeks ...." nonsense, which in its way threw the episode under the proverbial RV. But I digress. On balance, I think 7A has b...

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