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The passage, Hawaii Ironman: An Irongirl’s Story, is about Greta, a triathlete. The passage explains what her journey to qualifying and then competing in the Hawaiian triathlon was like. The passage informs us on all of the training, determination, and perseverance Greta had. The passage then explained what running the Hawaiian Ironman was like. A race that consisted of swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles all in the hot, Hawaiian heat. The author uses details from the journey she went through in order to qualify for the race, her thoughts and feelings while competing in the race, and Greta’s feeling and mindset when she finishes the race to develop the theme that to finish is to win. To begin with, the author goes …show more content…

While she was racing Greta did not once think about the people in front of her or how many people had she passed or been passed by. In the passage it says, “The cheers of the crowd revived her, and with a final surge, she strode down Ali Drive, crossing the finish line with a young man from Switzerland, who grabbed her hand and held it with his over their heads. This shows that winning wasn’t the point of the race. The point of the race was to finish. She crossed the finish line with a man from Switzerland, but she wasn’t concerned with beating him to the finish line, all she was focused on was getting to the finish line. In the race all she focused in was being able to do the best she could. Having the ability to complete along fellow athletes was her dream come true. All she cared was about having the strength and using her training to be able to complete the Ironman. Throughout her run she faced many obstacles, but she kept preserving and she never gave up, and that's what the race was about to her. The race was a chance to demonstrate and prove to herself that she was able to accomplish her dream. Her thoughts throughout the race help show the reader that just being able to finish was her dream, and accomplishing your dream is truly

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the passage, hawaii ironman: an irongirl’s story, explains greta's journey to qualifying and competing in the hawaiian triathlon.
  • Analyzes how goes in debt on greta's training to qualify for the hawaiian marathon, and how just by qualifying was her dream come true.
  • Analyzes greta's thoughts and feelings during the race to develop the theme that to finish is to win.
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