Analysis Of Hamlet And His Father

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At the age of 13 a young boy named Hamlet lost his father. Hamlet was much like his father he had always been a loving child who cared about everyone around him and saved little time to worry about himself, he was one of the most selfless people you would have come across. Hamlet’s father spent his whole life raising Hamlet to be the most caring person he could be and to be kind to everyone even if they didn’t deserve it. Hamlet’s mother Gertrude was not as kind as his father and didn’t see the good in everyone as his father did but Hamlet’s father taught him to stay true to himself and not worry about what mind set his mother had. Hamlet always felt that his mother was jealous of his father because Hamlet had such a special bond with his father and she wanted Hamlet to love her as deeply as his father, but that couldn’t happen because of her negative outlook on life. Late one evening Hamlet’s mother had sent him to the store to get a loaf of bread for dinner. Hamlet felt hesitant at first…show more content…
Hamlet began to prepare dinner because he believed his mother was not going to be home for some time. While Hamlet was prepping dinner he heard a knock on his front door, it was the love of his life Ophelia. Hamlet and Ophelia have been best friends since they were children and they share a deep connection with each other, the kind of connection that no one believed would ever be broken. When Hamlet saw it was Ophelia at the door he told her to go away and that he needed to be alone. Ophelia was also devastated that Hamlet’s father had been killed because he was involved in her life as well but she didn’t argue with Hamlet and left him alone at his house. An hour later Hamlet’s mother showed up with a frozen pizza for dinner, but no other groceries. Hamlet asked where his mother had been and she told him she was at Ophelia’s father’s house planning funeral
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