Analysis Of Hamlet Almereyda

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Alex Owings
Professor Jellerson
English 102
8 April 2014
Hamlet Almereyda Film Analysis
Throughout Almyereyda’s version of Hamlet there are many scenes that are unique, but I feel that one scene that stands out the most is the movie that Hamlet makes. This is a major scene because of the importance that it has to the movie. It shows the reaction of King Claudius to the exact reenactment that Hamlet has made to the way he killed Hamlet’s father. The director does a good job of putting in many cuts and zooms and sounds that make this scene. This scene is very important because Hamlet now knows how his father truly died and can take action.
The scene opens up with Hamlet talking outside of a movie theatre to Horatio, and he tells him that he has made a movie of his father’s death. Hamlet tells him to look at Claudius’ reaction once the act happens in the movie. Hamlet says that if he makes any strange gestures he will know that the Ghost of his father was right and Claudius killed him. Once Horatio leaves the scene then shows Ophelia walk in and Hamlet just looks at her and says nothing as she proceeds in. I feel that this was put in to show that Hamlet was still upset with Ophelia and did not want to talk to her after their last exchange in the “Get Thee To A Nunnery” scene.
The scene then cuts to Hamlet walking into the theatre and Gertrude asking him to sit by her. Hamlet says no because he would rather sit next to Ophelia who is more attractive. Hamlet then jumps over a row of seats to get next to Ophelia and asks if he can lit on her lap. She says no and then he says no and Hamlet says “my head upon your lap” and Ophelia says that he can. I feel that this sequence shows a lot about Hamlet. First off, wh...

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... to show how Hamlet’s mother began to have relations with Claudius after King Hamlet died. Once Claudius realizes that this is about him he stand up and asks for light.
This movie was similar to the others that we watched, but it also had some differences. It did have the same dialogue and had the same basic plot to show Claudius that Hamlet knew he killed his father. A big difference was that this was set in present day as compared to the others, which were set during Medieval Times. Also Hamlet puts on a movie instead of a play, and Hamlet had no interaction with anyone, it just cut to the opening of the play. This is different for how the other Hamlet movies go, because since he makes a movie and not a play it does not show him meeting with any people that are in the cast and Hamlet teaching them what to perform like it did in the others.

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