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Hadza “The Last of the First”The Hadza is a group of people that lives insmall camps in different areasin Tanzania. The Hadza are foragers/huntersthat live in the bushes, and start a fire with sticks.They believe the land belongs to the animals. They have no hierarchy no leader. They live in peace without fighting. The Hadza do not follow a calendar or birthdays. The memberscan tell the change in time of year due to which berries and fruit are growing and which animals are passing by. They go by height of the children to remember certain events. Everyone has a job to do to maintain the survival of their camp.TheHadzause sexual division of labor. The men are responsible for hunting. They can go outhuntingas young as about 5 years old. They use bow and arrows that they have made to hunt for food. TheHadza menare great trackers.Theylistening to bird calls and inspectout the changes in the land. They can notice a simple tree branch bent andthey know an animal walked through there. The Hadza look for the…show more content…
Something that I learned and founds interesting was, that Archelogies believe that Hadza members have been around the longest. They have been around 50,000 years before the Egyptian Pyramids were built. They have no written language so everything they learn is self-taught or through story telling. The reaction I have from the film is amazed. This group of people have to rely on each other to survive. The hunt and gather twicea day so they can eat. They do not save food. I am use to just getting up and going to the store to getting take out so I can eat or feed my family. They live simple without everyday luxuries like indoor pluming or soft beds. Their marriage ceremony is even simple and yet a strong commitment. As far as not having medical aid it pulls on my heart because I am a nurse and simple first aid or fluids could save

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