Analysis Of Guayo Cedeño And The Coco

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The first thing to note about this performance by Guayo Cedeño and the Coco Band is the venue. The Brookfield Place is located downtown, but feels much more like an upscale mall than anything else. The stage itself was in what could be considered a food court, open to anyone passing by. This is not to say that was a bad. Quite the contrary, it proved to be an ideal place for such a performance. The openness allowed for a diverse audience, and also allowed for the speakers to echo the music everywhere. But most importantly, the performance felt very much in the moment. It was a very unique experience, partly for the act itself. While open performances in these venues are common, they are very rarely from acts that would be categorized as “World…show more content…
Their instruments are a guitar, a bass, and a drum set, which would suggest a rock genre. However, they do not seem interested in staying to one specific genre. One song that I specifically recall being called a bolero was performed on these instruments. One song (Black and White) they even stated during the performance took inspirations from discos in Honduras. The closest genre I been able to see them categorized as is “World Music” (Virtual Womex). A group that does not attach itself to a musical genre is admirable enough on its own. A group that decides to cover both modern and traditional genres in their country makes for a truly original…show more content…
Playing instruments might not seem like rigorous exercise, but like any other art form, it’s all in the passion the artist puts into it. Between every song, when Guayo Cedeño announced the next song, there was always at least some slight panting. Since there were no vocals, this was the only time we heard him and therefore heard the slight shortness of breath. Despite the lack of vocals, it reminded me of the Flamenco genre and how slight voice cracks were seen as deep concentration and passion being put into the performance. In a way, that’s what this shortness of breath came to signify. It showed both the Coco Band’s concentration in their performance and the passion they put into their performance. It’s what helped endeared them to the audience, or at least to me. They went into the music with all they had, giving the performance a kind of passion and energy that just cannot be duplicated. It made the group one of a kind and

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