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We hear Immigrant stories all the time, but not always in a nine-year-old’s perspective. Green, written by Sefi Atta, is a story told by a nine-year-old girl and shares the process her parents are go through becoming United States citizens. In my paper, I will focus on how the nine-year-old narrator’s perspective on the naturalization process. The naturalization process of becoming a citizen of the United States is tedious and expensive. With that being said, a nine-year-old cannot truly understand the struggles her parents truly faced going through the process. In the first paragraph reveals she is not fond of the immigration process by reiterating she is a child. A segment that stood out to me was: “The television is on CNN not Disney” (Atta). This segment allows the reader to witness the narrator is not amused with CNN and would much rather be watching the Disney channel because she finds CNN boring. CNN playing the television signifies importance and seriousness in the immigration office. Disney signifies the narrator is accustom to the children television channels, and by wanted to watch Disney instead shows that the narrator does not find in with the serious environment. The depiction…show more content…
The narrator was not enthusiastic when her parent officially became permanent residents. All she said was: “Can we go now” (Atta 4). Those three words indicate that the narrator doesn’t have much respect, whereas her mother won’t stop thanking the immigration worker: “You have no idea. We waited so long” (Atta 4). The tone of the sentence shows that the mother is relieved and thankful. The narrator fails to see how vital the Green Card was to her parents, and rather get frustrated about potentially missing her soccer game. The narrator gives soccer importance because she is only nine and already is a citizen of the United

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