Analysis Of Goodwill Hunting

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When you think of the film Goodwill Hunting the first thing to come to mind is a Cinderella story. A story that shows a boy starting at the bottom and making it all the way to the top through events of change. This is not the case if you keep looking for the deeper meaning because Goodwill Hunting is not a coming of age tale it is a story of real events. Will does not wake up one day and his life is totally changed, he has to go out and change who he is in order to grow up. He is not gifted money or opportunity instead he must use what he has and make something for himself. These characteristics of the film are what make it different from every other coming of age tale. Upon first viewing Goodwill Hunting one might think it is a tail of a boy who starts at the bottom and then finds a way to grow. In simple the viewer on the first level of meaning may see this film as a coming of age tale, but upon further analysis it is clear that it is so much more. This is a story of how a very closed off boy finally gains the strength and support to become who he was meant to be. The film starts ...

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