Analysis Of Gone With The Wind

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Chapter Two
Background Information of Gone with the Wind
To understand Scarlett O’Hara’s personality, it is important to understand the novel’s background.
2.1 Brief Introduction of the Author Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her father was an attorney as well as a historian, and her mother suffragist. Her grandfather fought in the American Civil War as a Confederate soldier, and after the civil war made a fortune by selling lumber to rebuild Atlanta. Her mother’s side of the family was Irish origin. (Ruppersburg 2007:326) The Influence of her family background can be found throughout the novel. Margaret Mitchell was deeply influence by the stories of the Civil War especialy the stories about Atlanta in the Civil War period which made an impact on her writing of Gone with the Wind.
In 1936, after 10 years’ writing and editing, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind was published, and it is her only novel published in her life time. It won her the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937 and the National Book Award for Most Distinguished Novel in 1936. The film adaptation of the novel was one of the highest-grossing films in Hollywood history. It is one of the most famous Civil War Romance in history and left footnote in the literary history of the world.
2.2 The American Civil War
It is a civil war between the Confederate States of America (the “South” or the “confederacy”) and the Union (the “North”). Before the war, the North and the South had developed two very different economies. In the North, capitalist economy developed rapidly and taking advantage of the Second Industrial Revolution, the industry developed at an astonishing speed. The rapid growing industrial economy made a huge demand for fr...

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... care of her solloly because she promised Ashley. When Ashley was about to go to New York, she kept him from leaving. She was so persistent in her pursuit of Ashley, that she did all she could to win him. She thought Ashley was her true love, but she was wrong. She didn’t realize this until too late. Scarlett finally realized that Rhett was her ture love all alone, and she loved him back. Thought Rhett was heart broken and leaved her. She wouldn’t give up her pursuit of true love. “Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way to get him back” (Mitchell 1993: 868).

3.1.3 Persistent Pursuit of True Love
Thoughout the novel Scarlett was constent in pursuit of a better life, most notable in the Reconstrction Era. Scarlett returned to Tara hoping to find confert, instead she found a ruined plantation, a insaine father, a dead mother and a lot of burdern. Life became difficult,