Analysis Of Globalization In Brick Lane

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The Fuel of Cultural Variation “French fries” are typically classified as an American food, even though the name itself clearly has some sort of underlying cultural convergence. That being said, one of our world’s most interesting phenomenon are not the similarities that bring people together, but rather the meshing of cultural differences that ignite cultural change, also referred to as cultural globalization. Cultural globalization is all around us, and literally occurring every second around the world. People are being introduced to new ideas, new languages, and cultural aspects every single day. Although, cultural globalization receives reactions of all sorts, not always black and white, but rather a sort of ambiguity. According to, “Globalization…show more content…
There is something to be said about learning a concept through reading compared to learning from experience because through one’s experiences, the concept is fully grasped and understood. This novel is multi-dimensional as we view the initial endogenous culture of Nazneen who was raised in rural Bangladesh, and can just barely read and write. Nazneen was always taught to accept her fate and not going against it and it is resembled by the quote, “What could not be changed must be borne. And since nothing could be changed, everything had to be borne. This principle ruled her life,” (Ali 4). Nazneen is accepting of her fate because this is what she was raised to believe, and when she is sent to London for an arranged marriage to Chanu, she must accept this as reality as well. Her husband Chanu, an educated man in his forties is constantly boasting his higher education, and the fact that he will receive a promotion from his job with the city council. Although Chanu is an educated man, he never receives the promotion, and this is because he constantly feels that he deserves better, and is never content with what he has. Chanu’s privileged mindset is a sort of character flaw because even though he is educated and should move up in society, he never really acts upon this to make the necessary…show more content…
Hybridization is exhibited when Mrs. Azad says, “Listen, when I’m in Bangladesh I put on a sari and cover my head and all that. But here I go out to work. I work with white girls and I’m just one of them. If I want to come home and eat curry, that’s my business. Some women spend ten, twenty years here and they sit in the kitchen grinding spices all day and learn only two words of English,” (Ali 89). Mrs. Azad is a woman of Bangladesh descent, yet she is now living in a Western culture and has a willingness to adapt. On the surface it appears as if Mrs. Azad was completely westernized from life in London, but deep down one can see that she is still holding onto her Bangladeshi roots. In addition, Mrs. Azad is portraying hybridization through the clothes she wears in London, to the food she eats, and even the language because she has learned the English language. The neighborhood of Brick Lane is hybridization in itself, since it is a small ethnic mélange neighborhood in the major city of London. In addition, the idea of hybridization is criticized, and an example of this is when Mrs. Islam says, “But if you mix with all these people, even if they are good people, you have to give up your culture to accept theirs. That’s how it is,” (Ali 16). This exemplifies the fact that even though people mix with other cultures, they
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