Analysis Of Girl By Elaine Potter Kincaid

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Elaine Potter Richardson was raised by her mother and her stepfather while living in a Caribbean island with much poverty. Her mother sent her to live in the United States at the age of seventeen, which left her with no other choice other than to provide for herself. After she briefly attended college in New Hampshire, she moved to New York and began to work for the New Yorker. There, she met Allen Shawn. They married in 1979 which later ended in a divorce. She began to write personal stories in connection with her mother, her father, and her youngest brother who died of AIDS. In the second story the author’s name is Katherine O’Flaherty, born in St. Louis, Missouri. Unlike Elaine, Katherine’s family preferred to live higher than usual in…show more content…
Chopin used the experience of living with three independent women to show how much she desired to break free of bring dominated by a male. Considering that Chopin decided to move and raise her six kids away from the place her husband died from shows that she wanted to move away and start new and an independent women living by herself. After her husband’s death was when Chopin began her career and branched out with many different stories. A part of her must have been stopped by her husband while he was alive. Kincaid was dominated by her mother because in the story “Girl”, she is showing the reader how her childhood was while living with her mother. Her mother thought it was okay to be dominated by a male figure and Kincaid didn’t agree. She also wanted to break free from that stereotype that all women must answer to a man. After Kincaid divorced her husband she also became an independent woman and began to write more stories. Sometimes married men and women can stop their lives or put in on hold for their other significant loved…show more content…
They were both controlled by people in their lives. Kincaid wrote about her mother controlling her, but she doesn’t agree with her mother. Chopin wrote about her character being controlled by her husband. When Mrs. Mallards found out that her husband had died, she felt relieved, and when she found out her husband hadn’t died, she had a heart attack because she had felt so much happiness and it got taken away in a matter of seconds. These two writers were also very different which led their stories to also have differences. One writer being poor and the other one being wealthy, they were both raised by different kinds of people. Kincaid was raised by her mother and her stepfather, which led her to teach Kincaid how to become a respectful, hardworking housewife and how to not become a slut. Chopin was raised by independent women who may have led her to think that women shouldn’t be controlled by men. This goes back to her story. When the husband is controlling the wife, she was glad to find out that he was dead. This story may have been related to her real life experiences with her mother or her
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