Analysis Of Getting Real With Reality TV By Cynthia Frisby

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A lot of people watch reality TV nowadays. It is like they are being addicted to Reality TV. Our author Cynthia Frisby (2015) said in her article “Getting Real with Reality TV” that people are finding the Reality TV interesting. Cynthia Frisby is associate professor of advertising at the University of Missouri School of Journalism and co-editor of Journalism. The author has really wide variety of experience in writing. The author’s article shows that Reality TV is captivating attention of the people by showing support with statistics, shows the benefits of the reality television, and targets a specific audience.
The “Getting Real with Reality TV” article shows the people are interested in Reality TV. The author compares various types of shows
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Our author discusses all the aspects of reality TV; from the way it captivates the viewers to the way it gratifies them. The author also appeals argument to the correct audience, which is also helps retaining the particular viewers. The author uses an aggressive tone to appeal to the audience. The author does not use sophisticated language, so the reader could not follow. She had written this article so well that the readers would not feel lost at any point. This also helps audience to retain their interest in this article. In this article, the author shows some interesting statistics that supports her argument and also helps individuals to believe and keep them interested. The author states, “78.2% reported being regular viewers of reality television programs”(p.275). The author also shows that the statistics was taken from 110 people who were asked to complete a uses and gratification survey on reality television (p.275). The results of the statistic shows that about half of the people interviewed watch TV on a regular basis. If these statistics were taken on a larger scale, it would show similar results and it would prove that people are regular viewers of reality television. When you show statistics, which supports an argument, it becomes very interesting for the audience to believe and continue having audience’s attention. The statistics clearly proves author’s
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