Analysis Of George W Bush Address To 9/11

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Analysis of George W. Bush’s Address to 9/11 On the 11th of September 2001, four commercial planes along the eastern coast were hijacked, the hijackers then took these planes, and flew them towards the North Tower, World Trade Center, and the South Tower, this suicide mission, lead to much chaos and commotion among this ambivalence many lives were lost due to these attacks, and the nation was left wounded and without answers to who was responsible for this. Following this attack, at 8:30 that evening President George W. Bush addressed the nation through television and radio about what had happened in their nation. This speech not only served to united the nation and many others in the world, it also impacted America’s views when it came…show more content…
This speech established the Bush Doctrine that gave a reason for why America would be fitting the war against terrorism and terrorist supporting nations. With the help and contributions of other nations the war against terrorism became more successful, and many more people were able to benefit from this contributions. If it was not for the President 's speech then the community I know life in would not have suffered from the wars that are now happening, and not as many people would have had their lives lost while in the war. this speech has caused many people in America who were of the same nationality, ethnicity or even a similar race, to be hated and criticized just for looking similar to what a terrorist is supposed to look like, though they were not the terrorists themselves they had to face the unnecessary hat and they had to take the blame for something they had nothing to do with. In the community I live in, there once was a sense of hate due to the visualization that arose from this speech with this thought of patriotism many forgot what an America truly is, a person who embraces the melting pot, and acceptance that America stands for. Now a decade after the attack, and once we understood who were the real people who caused many Americans to suffer, the hatred that once against is now disappearing the innocent people. In this decade since, the community still remembers 9/11, whether it be a discussion that is held everyday in school on that day, or whether it be in Washington D.C where many to this day go and show their respect at the 9/11 memorial, keeping mind the promise America had made to fight for freedom and
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