Analysis Of George Orwell's Homage To Catalonia And Animal Farm

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This paper is a discussion of George Orwell 's Homage to Catalonia (1938) and Animal Farm (1945) showing the factual and fictional obsession with revolution in both books. The two books are based on Orwell 's personal and political background. Orwell was so obsessed with the idea of revolution that he created the details of this revolution in his mind in two books: the first is factual out of his experience and the second is fictional in a symbolic narration. Orwell’s obsession with revolution consists in the images, ideas, or words that preoccupy his mind so forcefully that they become real even when they are not. These images and ideas turn to be patterns of mind.
Both Homage to Catalonia and Animal Farm delineate Orwell’s obsession with
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And he debates that the end of the Cold War is “an ideal context for a reassessment of Orwell 's political ideas” (Newsinger ix). Newsinger gives us a map of Orwell 's intellectual terrain, and deftly orientates the reader around the key Orwellian debates which run around the idea of war and revolution against inequality and dictatorship. He examines how Orwell 's politics developed in a changing world. Newsinger 's argument is that, although Orwell 's politics shifted throughout his lifetime, the one constant was his unwavering socialism. What detractors - and even some admirers - have missed is that he never ceased to write from within the left, attacking the betrayal of the revolution rather than the revolution…show more content…
The two books have also a documentary value, as a result of the confrontation between the reported historical events and the texts, between fact and fiction. The documentary value of Homage to Catalonia seems to be obvious because of the literary means of expression, since it is written almost as a travel book with both the advantages of authenticity and sincerity and the disadvantage of subjectivity. However, it should also be noted that Orwell 's evidence is limited only to Barcelona and to the Aragon front. It presents only the perspective of the POUM a small left-wing revolutionary faction, during five months of war which lasted thirty-two

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