Analysis Of Gay, Lesbian And Homosexuality

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Now a-days, we live in a world where your sexual orientation or affection towards people could be crucial. Many people don’t accept the fact that others have an affection towards the same gender. All across the world, nation-wide there has been tragic events where people have been murdered, abused or bullied due to their own sexual orientation. This has been such a conflict across the United States and a problem for those who are actually Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or even transgender. Although there has been people who accept others for who they truly are, people still live in shame and fear.

Homosexuality is an attraction towards a person of the same sex or gender. There have been multiple disputes between people and their views towards
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I personally only date people of the opposite gender. That doesn’t mean that I have to shame those who have an attraction to the same gender. I think Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual people are like regular humans and they deserve to be loved like anyone else should. I have friends who are both gay and lesbian and they are just like me. They are even nicer than other regular people because they tend to be there for others. They already know how it feels to be bullied and mistreated so they help others.

Most Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual people live their daily lifestyles filled with fear. Not only are they judged and bullied by others who believe that is not correct but, they live in fear that their family may not accept them. It has been scientifically proven that more than about 34,000 people commit suicide year. That is including both children and adults. Many of their parents don’t accept them for who they are and even kick them out of their own house. Sadly, that is the reason why many people take their lives. They feel unimportant and
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Once every year in the United States, there is an event hosted by the LGBT in every city where they do a pride parade and they celebrate the intersex culture. People from all across the world go and celebrate by wearing all bright colors, they body paint themselves and they even wear beads and meet different people. Many gay, lesbian, bisexual and even transgender people go and celebrate with others who also have the same affection towards the same sex as they do. The LGBT flag is a rainbow-colored flag. Many people go and support each other, even if you’re straight, they still welcome you with much love and

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