Analysis Of Gain The High Ground

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The chapter “Gain the High Ground” describes that there should be a relative or standing position of the person is society. A position of superiority must be ensured by an individual over his opponents. Attaining the status of being classic makes an individual superior over others and his acceptance level in the society ultimately increases with the passage of time. In order to gain the high ground, an individual must use negotiations in order to gain the intellectual and psychological superiority. The chapter further describes that high ground is being gained by an individual with the help of political and ethical parlance that basically refers to the status of remaining moral or getting respect from others. It upholds and adheres goodness and justice that is recognized as universally recognized standard. Parties or individuals who are seeking to attain high grounds always refuse to act in ways which are treated either as morally defensible or legitimate. In order to win a certain argument or produce a critique of something, an individual may use the perspective of “Gai...
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